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california suite no 1 - the desert

My View of the Desert


 The rich fabric of musical sound that is the California desert - so immense and varied - It cannot be defined. It is so abundant -  I draw it all close to me. Such an awesome wondrous place to be - The Desert. The mountains, valleys, trails, vast plains, and wild life - what a colorful array of dances and rhythms! The cool, steady stream of flowing rivers - lakes churning with bubbly water -  the vast emptiness of endless skies -  the solemn majesty of towering peaks. They speak to me in beautiful sounds, They compel me to write them down - I do - and I share them all with you in this California Suite No 1 - The Desert.  

Our Musical History


I detail the rich human history of California in my music - The indigenous people that were here before us, The early settlers and the culture they brought to this land. The people that came after that made California into the marvelous state it is - The Golden State.   

Coming Soon - New Music


In the month of June until the next I will present a series of compositions about California's Deserts - it's vistas, it's plant and animal life, its vast and seemingly endless panorama of beauty and wonder. Right now I offer two works for immediate download. Sunrise Upon The Mojave River and At Noon Time. I hope you enjoy them.  Find them under MY COMPOSITIONS. 

my compositions


Sunrise Upon The Mojave River At Noon Time



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